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Only $99 per month

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Space…for your dreams

1200 sq Feet of space: $125/hr

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The Secret

Since its founding in 2018, the Metaphor Club has served our members.

The average stay in the club? Six hours. Our members tell us that they’re more efficient, happier, and more fulfilled by working in our space than at the office…or even at home And at the fraction of the cost of competitor co-working spaces.

Come to work. Come to laugh. Come to talk. The Metaphor Club is that third space between work and home that you didn’t know you needed. Along with a great cup of coffee.

More than a co-working space

The Metaphor Club is an idea come to life. An intentional Black space that affirms community.

It’s Ph.D. students working on their dissertation. Small businesswomen meeting clients. Writers getting their scripts read. Workshops on finances. Debates on politics.

Join the Metaphor Club today and you’re joining a community of people. We’re more than a co-working space, we’re a Metaphor Club family.

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