The Metaphor Club…more than a co-working space

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At The Metaphor Club, we invite the world’s best Black creatives to chop it up with our members. Black best selling authors like Joan Morgan, D. Watkins, Kwame Alexander, and Shaka Senghor. Black Hollywood like Amy Aniobi, Ken Whittingham, Kemp Powers, Selwyn Hinds, and the all Black writing staff of Netflix’s Family Reunion. Young Black artists like Knowledge Bennett. Add workshops like our monthly MetaREAD script read and our Edge of the Stage series, and you can see why The Metaphor Club is more than just a co-working space.

At The Metaphor Club, we bring some of America’s top Black writers, producers, directors, and authors. Interviewed by Monique Judge and Lawrence Ross, the club makes sure that our members get up close and personal access to the best and brightest.

Each month, we host art events at The Metaphor Club. Whether it’s art galleries in our MetaFLOW space, or our monthly interview series where Autumn Williams and Jamaal Hasef bring the top young Black artists to the club.

Are you a writer who needs to hear your script read? Cool. At The Metaphor Club, we host a monthly cold table read where six professional actors read the first ten pages of your feature or pilot script. To enter your script, the cost is only $19.99., and shoot us an email at